C0n4mity Shakes Denver's F0undations With

'Take Me Home' - A Revolutionary Punk-Metal Anthem is Here!

Rising from Denver's vibrant underground music scene, Con4mity is smashing expectations and rewriting the rules of punk and metal.

Unleashing their electrifying new single "Take Me Home," we bring a potent concoction of gritty punk vibes, raw metal sounds, and unapologetic lyrics that are guaranteed to ignite your senses.

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Con4mity Ignites A Musical Rebellion With

Their New EP

'C4: Time 4 Rev0lution'

Our upcoming EP, "C4: Time 4 Revolution," is a powerful testament to our ability to shatter conventions and guide listeners through a sonic landscape rife with audacity and unfiltered energy.

No more standing idly by – it's time to plunge headfirst into Denver's burgeoning music scene.

"C4: Time 4 Revolution" promises a musical journey that champions rebellion and exudes raw power.

We are pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo. Join us in this revolution.

Immerse yourself in "C4: Time 4 Revolution" upon its release and let's ignite this revolution together!

Upc0ming Sh0ws

Come shake things up and start a revolution in Denver, CO!

July 5th

Herman's Hideaway

FREE Show & EP Release Party @ 7 PM - Event info

July 8th

Trailside Saloon


July 22nd

The Rickhouse


Sept 3rd

Dog House


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